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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

What are the dexterity and proficiency does an Independent Escorts in Bangalore posses to be a skilled courtesan and to be flourishing in the escorting business and I an being an experienced escort in Bangalore pursuing the job of an escort in Bangalore for almost 5 years by now will honestly confess and answer the above question as any women who wants to pursue a career as an Independent Escorts in Bangalore need not be endowed with any extra artistry sexual techniques or competence with all kamasutra knowledge and with any women who has the passion and curiosity will learn the desires of a man and the success is lies in how to manage the craving appetite of a man.

The truth is a man with his masculinity and possessiveness nature will always be inclined in to assuage his virtue in satisfying a women he desires and a man is an appeased soul and is sated by pleasing a women of his choice and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore get paid to get pleased ! !

So in most cases a man strives to authenticate his machismo with a women and when he cannot find a women in his circle he seeks an escort and in most cases he becomes addicted to escorts and his search becomes an endless task in the process.

The act of sex alone is not in the agenda while an escort is with the client and most of the time it is just conversation and caressing and fore play activity with a man and with my experience a good escort is the one who is a patient listener and a client will always mellow his trumps with a women who may have no reasoning capacity and we escorts are just hired by the hour to play the same role.

Every encounter of mine with a client is different and its is not sex alone with all my clients and my memories are full and a book had to be written to pen down all my experiences of mine as an in Independent Escorts in Bangalore and most of the time a man wants a women to listen and not all men are lusted with sex and most of the clients wanted a lady for her warmth and mostly man wants to appease and enthrall a women.

Most of the activity of sex with a client and an escort are monotonous and perfunctory acts with spiritless and slothful activity of the escorts and only those escorts who are concerned and are caring will give good value for the time and money spent by the client.

Primarily most of us are women in nature and are not in this profession for the sake of pleasure and are pursuing a career as an Independent escort in Bangalore to gain quick money and are aware of the obligation and liability with a client and are constantly conscience to deliver money value of the client.

The beguiling act of seeing an escort is addictive in nature for a man and a womanizer to come out of womanizing needs the support of his family alone and we are similar to any addictive commodity which may need a cure.

Women are seductress and temptress and women play a vital role in this society and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore are women who save the innocent women from the lustful satyriasis of men and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore delight in living in dignity in this society as an escort.

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

How to perpetuate and sustain in being a High end Independent Escorts in Bangalore and Prosper in the career as an escort in Bangalore and myths associated with the glamorous life styles of Independent Escorts in Bangalore are mostly true in the tinsel world and the truth is how good a women is able to carry herself in a five star environment portraying her femininity in a peerless and premium idiosyncrasy style will show case a women of class. and to be precise an escort can never be an appealing to any connoisseur and Debonair and a man needs to take an effort in luring a women and a man always prides himself in luring enough women in his life time and very women he encounters is a added feather in his crown and a good dressing sense does help an escort and a women has to dress for her comfort and groove and not to excite and Inspire a man and the best of the women cannot be beauteous and can be disgusting for some men and real beauty is like a flower which is more appealing in its true format.

Sleeping with an escort requires equal consideration and adoration and appreciation by the paying gentle man to the women in bed and a woman will certainly reciprocate with gratitude and her best of amorousness.

An escort Job is to please a man and an Independent Escorts in Bangalore does have her own emotions and excitability and will be an aroused soul with the right man and we do get the right man in our profession who do get to arouse our womanliness in us.

Being in a perfect body structure is an Illusion in the escorting business and South Indians will yearn for a Women with good bosom and a North Indian will crave for a women with good structure and an European clients will seek a typical Orthodox Indian women and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore cater to a market that has a variety of desires and we at team at Independent Escorts in Bangalore posses enough strength to cater to all.

We Women are in the business of escorting after much mental analysis of situations in our life and have finally concluded escorting as our profession and are pursuing a job out of our passion for people.

Many of our team mates at Independent Escorts in Bangalore prefer rich and generous clients and I prefer quality Clients and some times it works when we hand pick the clients and work only with a few of the preferred clients and it just happened that I started to have repeated clienteles in matter of time and I proved the myth of quality clients rather than quantity and I was success full in my escorting career in possessing a list of favorite clients who would always be available for myself.

We Escorts generally get a hatred for men over the years and we never want to be a one man's lady in our life and this mind set had been implanted in our self like a hereditary implantation and a mind set of hatred towards men naturally gets nailed in our thoughts and this is the same with all us in our team at Independent Escorts in Bangalore and we do get offers from men for a permanent settlement in life we are aware of a man’s games and we never fall as preys and we prefer to be hunters for men rather being preys for the men on prowl.

When man is on Prowl for a women his hunt for a good lady will be connected to his fantasy and his framed mind set with the tinsel world and an Indian mind set had always been fine tuned by the film Industry and it may take years for any Indian to come out of the Imaginary world and he seeks an escort similar to his favorite heroine and we play the proxy actress in his real world.

An Indian Male is always fascinated with the tinsel world and there can be no exception and most of our clients had been honest in confessing to us Independent Escorts in Bangalore and we live in our own reality world as prided species of women living as the fantasy angels for our man of the day.

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

We Independent escorts in Bangalore prefer the generous clients and those who would not bargain with an escort in Bangalore and there are places where a bargain is a Necessity

We May Bargain in a fish Market but not with a Doctor who charges for his Professional services.

We May Bargain Salary with an employer or an employee not with a Escort who is a professional service provider who charges for her professional services.

Why do an Independent Escorts in Bangalore Charges high and we simply have to reply we are working in a profession where our value gets depreciated by the years and we get no value with our experience and escorting is the only profession where fresher’s get more than an experienced Independent Escort in Bangalore.

We Independent Escort in Bangalore had pursued the profession of escorting for quick money and we do provide value for the money spent and are freelancing women into this escorting world seeking not pleasure from men but a quick money.

The need for money for an Independent Escorts in Bangalore may vary from person to person and mostly it is family pressures that force a woman to pursue a job of an Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

In our experience as Independent Escorts in Bangalore we have met enough clients to understand the physiology of Mongers and are clear with a gentle man who has nothing will always be better than someone who has everything and a person who posses all wealth and health will necessary not be a good client and he will seek and bargain with an escort more to add up his wealth and person who posses nothing will get gratified with what he gets and pays good as well.

We live with men and we happened to live with many men and our men are mostly married and when we do question our men if they may appreciate or allow his wife sleeping with an another men we get a reply that was fuming with anger and indignation.

We Independent Escorts in Bangalore are never in the debatable cubicle of the indifferences of gender and we still are searching for the Robin Hood who may justify our profession as escorts.

The world is changing and we do hear of women paying men and a new word had been added to the dictionary as a gigolo who may serve a women and gets paid and no where it is stated in the law a gigolo or the women who is the payer is unlawful.

And we Independent escorts on our own will and conscience are pleasing angels serving the men in need.

We may never find solace with the existing political scenario and we do wish if the kind hearted humanitarian who is slaughtering and trying to liquidate the escorting business gives us a thought of living in pride for a day and we never wanted this filth money again in our life.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore had pursued the job of escorting on various reasons and are sustaining ourselves as escorts to live a dignified life.

The whole perception of seeking a hired sex worker is to get aroused and to get excited and the feel of stimulation with a woman is so addictive that a man is sooner a womanizer and a happy family only may assist a man to overcome his addiction to escorts.

We have seen enough men who had been addicted to escorts and over come the addiction with the intervention of his close family and escorting is a costly hobby to be pursued only by the affordable connoisseurs.

A man can lust a women once in a way and once he sees the craving for women is increasing he needs to understand the thin line that borders the word addiction and desiring.

Seeking an escort needs to be a controlled affair by any men and no emotions can play to justify a man prowling for women.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore stay on Guard against any men prowling his lust against innocent women and we quiche the lust of the satyriasis of man and we are called as bitches in the society!!





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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

The higher rank in an escort in being a courtesan and we Independent escorts in Bangalore are catering to all clienteles where as a courtesan is a refined women who never advertises her services in the open internet or is an affiliate with any agency but an Individual who has selected clients and an elite form of Mistress or escorting.

A courtesan is not a concubine but a paid escort for the elite clients and is never permanent to any person or individual she markets herself through word of mouth and accumulates her clientele with her experience of being an escort.

An Independent escort in Bangalore is women who are offering her services through her agency or on her own and is solely indulging in the escorting business out of her own will and concern.

A prostitute is a woman who is in the clutches of a organized brothel system and are forcibly indulged in the escorting trade without their consent.

A client is Monger who is seeking a woman for pleasure and a client can be classified as

Habitual Client

Occasional Client

Regular Client

Addicted Client or Womanizer

The first timers

Being a Client to an Independent escort in Bangalore is no harm and the concern arises when it had become an addiction and addictiveness is the craving sensation for an escort and attempting to be with an escort very often and the addictive nature is similar to alcoholism or smoking and the crave for an escort will subdue on visiting an escort.

Addiction to women is an act of desiring a woman and the act of infatuation and concupiscence will make a man to seek a paid sex worker and the act of desiring and lusting for a sex worker often makes a man addictive and is termed as womanizer.

A client or a monger is person who will prowl and is always angling for an Independent escort in Bangalore and rarely will he seek or visit an escort for the second time and will be on constant hunt for a new escort.

The act of seeking or probing a new Independent escort in Bangalore on every occasion can be summarized as an masculine attempt by a man to seek multiple women as a supreme fulfillment and achievement in his life and that may add a feather to a man’s machismo .

Any person who may try to preach an addicted person will fail and for that matter let him be an addicted alcoholic or smoker and it is the persons own willingness and will power can he come out of the addiction with an Independent escorts in Bangalore.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore never try to preach or evangelize our clients and we are clear with our vision and are masked with the blinkers in our task to quiche a man’s lust and we play as shields to the innocent women in the society against the preying satyriasis.

A man can pursue the hobby of escorting with a limit in spending and within his spending limits and there in no harm in getting obsessed with an escort in limited intervals.

Life is short time and to be lived in seeking the best and a woman can be the nature’s best gift to any man.

An Independent escort in Bangalore is an independent lady proffering herself for sexual services to a man who is affordable to pay for her services and is in no obligation or in contract with any person or an organization to do the escorting business and does the job of an escort with her own passion and willingness.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore have below honestly confessed the truth about our clients and there is no intention of hatred towards our clients and we are grateful to all our clients in living a life as independent escorts in Bangalore

A man who is in search for an Independent escort in Bangalore is a monger who is habitual in nature and mostly addicted to escorting and will always be in constant search for new escorts.

A men who is in pursuit of women and is on prowl to lust his desires has the only choice of escorts and he may not risk quenching his lust with innocent women.

The addiction of escorting with men is an addictive in nature and a habitual habit that may endanger his career and personal life if it is not supervised by the concerned person or family.

Escorting by men is an obsessive way that may enslave a man both financially and can have adverse effects on his Personal family life.

Womanizing is much similar to Alcoholism or Smoking and does have similarities in the craving levels and cannot be controlled by a man with lesser will power.

A Person who craves for a woman will have enough moods to justify his lusting thoughts and moods and that may vary from celebrations to disappointments and the hunt for the women goes on forever.

All that a man does in excess in womanizing is addiction and the first symptoms are his relationship with his family members and slowly man will forget what it individualize a man and a beast and an animal will never surpass the nature.

An Animal will belong to its own breed and will stick on to the natures call and will never stray openly with other species of its own breeds and that is nature.

The Persistence and doggedness of illusion in womanizing is all mirage of thoughts and highly influenced by the tinsel world and man who is pursuing womanizing and gets addicted is pushing his family and himself in insanity.

Similar to alcoholism addiction to womanizing and it may start with just a trial and the seeker will slowly be a regular to many escorting dens in his vicinity and the final stage is addictiveness and desertion of his family and career to seek an escort and depression and loneliness will envelope his life to graveyard.

The influence of porn Industry had been a major factor of repercussion by a man in seeking multiple women and experimenting his manliness and all that is shown in Porn are orchestrated by well trained artists paid to create arousal's with the audience.

Nature had created a man and a women and his family and living a fine life is in a man and a women hands to seek enlightenment and happiness.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore had narrated the above for the well being of our clients and we stand as shields to a lusting Monger who may prey the innocent women if we do not exist in this society.

We stand as essential human beings defending and warding off any straying man trying to prowl his lust on Innocent women and we are called as the call girls and bitches or as Independent escorts in Bangalore and we live a prided life of an escort with a conscience fulfillment in our career as an Independent escort in Bangalore

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

Independent high class Escort in Bangalore

Once I decided to leave my home town in Tamil Nadu the destination was clear and so was my Pursuit to choose a career that would make me richer sooner. I was clear on one matter of concern life is short and live king size and choose a short cut to achieve the same and when i joined the team at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience team I wasn't disappointment and It was an amazing experience from there on and i experienced the sophistication and class i dream.

Sooner I was the topper in my team as an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore and a favorite among my clients and I really loved the celebrity high class life in Bangalore.

I found plenty very interesting clients here in Bangalore and very Interesting stories to tell and with my current life style i have no one to share the same and penning my thoughts here to share my experiences as an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore.

When I first came to Bangalore I was lucky enough to locate this agency Bangalore Girl Friends Experience and Immediately joined them as an high end Escort in Bangalore and I had two sides of coin in my life one as a normal Brahmin lady with friends and an extended family and friends and the other life that was full of secrets and Surprises almost every day and i could not control at moments when i am not able to share my best of experience in my career an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore with some body and had this honor of writing experience to share my thoughts with my clients who will very well appreciate ( ! ) my level of thoughts.

When in my home town my life was a messed up with my family problems loans and all other regular stuffs in a typical middle class set and it just dawned one fine day that i may be a sinking in a quagmire and the more the days passed i felt I was sinking more in the quagmire and decided to move on and that's when i inherited from my Family my family debts.

When i a kid I suffered enough abuses from my step father and started to have a string of boyfriends in my home town. Not a good start i know but this had a bearing on my life I got taken into care of my sister and when i was 12 and I had attempted suicide when i was 15 had sought counseling from then on and I was under numerous therapists but the damage was done..

Growing up in my home town in Tamil Nadu I was mostly an introverted child . I didn't like people or liked getting close to people and I would lock myself up in my bedroom for hours together and then then i met a friend at school , her life was messed up as mine and We went out partied and we got spoiled in the very beginning of my life and things went down hill from there took everyday as it came my way and I partied / Drunk literally 24 /7 . I abused alcohol When i was not drinking i would be with any of my boy friends and I was living the fast life meeting people and meeting men . I was getting attention and loving it and did understand that my beauty was the magnetic side which made myself attracted to many men around me and my life was mad and going no Page on where.at the prime age of my teen I was spoiled enough and I would sleep with different guys and I loved the attention and guys would say i am a beautiful lady then i would know i had to have them and In fact on some days i had to sleep with 3 guys in a night and I had a high sex drive in my prime teen age and thought attention from male gender was a mint in the Ice.

That is when one of my friend introduced me to another friend of hers from Bangalore. She was an amazing lady and we all went out drunk and partied and here I was alluded about my new friend we may call her Natasha for the name sake and where she get her all the money from and she had Stinking money flowing out of her her designer bag and i did asked her she said she modeled and I believed her then as she was Charming Chocolate baby.

The day dawned on me one fine day she ( Natashahttp://www.bangaloregirlfriendsexperience.com/index.html ) confessed she is an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore working with Bangalore girl friends Experience and cracked my mind with the thought why have sex for free when you can get paid well.

Here Started my day and I still Remember it was July 23 rd 2010 and from that point in my life I Started to look into my future myself and me alone and I was pretty cloudy in judgment but i try anything once and Natasha told me her clients in Bangalore paid her 10,000 for an hour of sex.

And from that day i pestered her to make myself the same as an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore and put an end to my percent mess up here with my family set up and she told me , its not as easy as what you think . But she did introduce me to Bangalore Girl Friends Experience team.

All went well from there on and my life as an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore was one big party from there on. Life were excellent. I shopped in MG Road till i dropped , and I partied all night in the best clubs in Bangalore and yes made good and enough money for my savings and I was getting a reputation in rich circles in Bangalore for the discretion and here in Bangalore discretion is key and rich and famous men in Bangalore pay good money for it .

This is how i started

Nice to hear my beginning of my story and that's how my career as an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore started and where i am now is because of my Company Bangalore Girl Friends Experience and this how i moved on with my life when i started to work as an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore .

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

Discretion is an asset being a High Class Escort in Bangalore.

Hi My name is Jyothika and I am sharing my experience as an Independent escort in Bangalore and life as an escort is not scary or dirty or weird as the society had portrayed it but a life that is fun filled and I love my job as an Independent escort in Bangalore.

I decided to join this reputed escort agency after calculating all the pros and cons in being an independent escort in Bangalore and being associated with an Independent agency is quite safer when compared with being an Independent escort and I need not to get worried on the following.

Sourcing new clients.

Legal aspects

Marketing myself as an escort

Charges for my services

Assured Monthly Income

And I am happy being associated with a reputed escort agency in Bangalore and I am getting what I dreamed and I am content with the same.

It is just I get up each morning and check my messages to see the clients details and I just need to follow the clients and fix a deal and go ahead with fixing an appointment.

I am feeling lonely living a double life and would love to share my feelings with my clients and the worlds and I am delighted to pen down my thoughts as an Independent escort in Bangalore.

The moment I reveled to my family about my career as an escort in Bangalore they were shocked and spell bound and it took months for them to really accept me and I lived the life I wanted and I hide the secret of myself to the next neighbor who may not know the real facts about me as an Independent escort in Bangalore.

Every women in this world will have a secret to hide and the secret will be about a man and like wise we escorts in Bangalore have a darker side in our life and it just happens to be many men in an escorts life ! !

One of my seniors who had been my mentor had told me in a laughing way Sex is made for women and women enjoy it the most and we escorts get paid for the same and it is not a matter to be investigated on how many here in our team really enjoy having sex or how orgasmic the sex was yesterday! !

The main skills of a high end escort is in being discreet and no matter how good you are the secret is not to show your beauty but your Intelligence with clients who may appreciate a women for her mind rather than her skin tone and a good paying client would always want a Intelligent lady as a companion rather than a ramp and dumb Model and discretion is the best weapon for a high end Independent escort in Bangalore.

One of the advantages in being an high end Independent escort in Bangalore is traveling and staying at the best of hotels and being with the eligible gentle Man and it does not matters we do not really own our clients but we are in controlling authority for the time he had hired us for our services and we pride in owning the client for the time frame allotted to us.

An Advice to the new escorts

As an high end Independent escort in Bangalore I always be nice to my clients and Flirt with them and don’t treat them like a ATM and some of the men you may meet will always want a connection to be built up between your self and him rather than sex alone and listening is major advantage and an escort should not underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, kindness in words and an honest complimentary talks or the best act of caring all of which will make life of an escort successful and easy.

I tell myself on every day Morning that I will listen more rather than talk and in learning more from others we grow and I never thought I am self sufficient with knowledge acquired and grow only with the knowledge gained.

An escort should understand the difference between listening while with a client and waiting for her turn to speak out.


Trust your Instinct and your third sense and never drink to your maximum with a client and never allow a client to have dope or grass on your presence and when the client misbehaves or crosses the border with yourself caution him with care and make the exit at the earliest.

This is my diary for the past two days


I am meeting a gentle Man from Atlanta the capital of Georgia. and he had been a regular to us always prefer older women as companion and he had Invited me for a 11.00 am slot for a day and I might be probably end up spending a night with him.


I have a busy calendar today and I have two confirmed clients as of today one is a nice warm expats staying in Bangalore who usually Invite a lady from our team to accompany them for a lunch date and then we move from there to the bed together.

Another is good local client who is very smart guy and according to our team mates he knows the game better and how to utilize very rupee he spends on us and he utilizes every last rupee he had spent to maximum utilization.

God bless him! !

Listening to a client is such a simple act where in we need not answer or give an opinion to what we hear but simply be seated and do an act of just listening and nodding our head like as we do while we are in an auditorium listening to a karnatic vocalist and while we are in the process of listening a client may start mellowing himself and trumpeting his deeds and achievements and most of them would be false and do not argue with the client and sit there like an Idiot just nodding your head.

And there is a point when we had to interrupt if the conversation is going off hand and it needs talent to realize that minute where you can Interrupt the client and ensure your Job is done and you are out.

It is Vital to keep the session alive with complimentary talks in between with total focus on the client and in between his legs and when you make listening and observation as your plus points you have finally achieved in being a good successful escort in Bangalore.

I fully understand there is some one is always seeing and listening me and I am aware of the superficial being trying to judge me on the judgment day and I am doing all of my escorting job with the full conscience that I am being watched and listened all the while.

D.H. Lawrence's Said

"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.

A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough

Without ever having felt sorry for itself"

The whole truth behind Mr.Lawrence thoughts was directed towards us and in Self pity If it may be altered a bit to suit our profession it may be like this

"We escorts never saw the wrong side of a client

We fall dead as souls without feeling sorrow for our self"

"I am here to satisfy you

With all of mine

I am such a flower

And be a Bee

To suck my nectar

But be on line

And let your turn come

For you to taste my nectar"

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

Escorting Principles

"An intelligent Independent escorts in Bangalore has plans and a wise Independent escorts has her own principles and living the life of an escort is living and accepting the truth”

"We escorts get guided by our thoughts and we develop our selves to be more positive and the positivism in us energize us to be better human beings and change our thoughts to be more productive"

We do not have any curriculum or syllabus to follow as in our career as escorts and we do have our seniors in our team as our mentors who guide us momentarily to live an escorting life with fulfillment.

We escorts value our business of escorting and do have our principles in the escorting career and we escorts live with great ambition and with a good character and those Independent escorts endowed with both principle and character are those who are successful escorts in the business of escorting.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore strongly believe there is no wealth without hard labor and no pleasure comes without conscience intention and there is no Knowledge without good character and no Commerce without morality and there is no Science without humanity into consideration and no Worship without sacrifice and for that matter of concern there is no Politics or political party without principle and we Independent escorts in Bangalore live with a principle.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore believe our principles are not faith and we do not solely gamble on the science and reasoning capacity bestowed on us rather there are sufficient other factors and we do not trust anything that contradicts science or outrages reason and we Independent escorts in Bangalore may differ on many things and we do respect honesty in the pursuit of ideas and we live within our world of escorting with our own set of rules and principles.

We understand what fate had bestowed on us and we are not here to alter the winds direction and we abide by the rules of the nature and we live with the course of wind and in its passage and we do not revolt against mother nature who had willingly let us to the job of escorting.

The world is a stage

And we are all set actors by Mother Nature

This world is a stage

And the auditorium is where we act

And all the men and women are merely players;

And each of us have our roles to play

And today I play escort and you play client

And we do have our entrances and exits separately

And we abide by the directors voice.

Mother Nature had dictated our services and had directed us to do specific tasks in our short span of our life and we ensure we play as per guidelines given and we can control our final destination in our life as escorts but not our fate and it is an one way Road and the road is sealed and we as escorts may not afford to alter the road we were supposed to take and our destiny is to fulfill what we focus and do more intently in our career as escorts and we choose to focus and be in clarity of our role in life where we understand god had given us a wonderful and joyous life to nourish.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore love to cater to people who wanted to bear a smile in their life we gather all our strength from the distress we had been through and grow brave by reflecting our selves in the mirror and we are firm in our heart and we as escorts do approve our conduct of escorting with our full conscience and are pursuing the escorting career till we deflower our femininity.

Life for the Independent Escorts in Bangalore is ardadamantine.

We Escorts in Bangalore are on our feet and knees for our daily bread and butter.

We Escorts in Bangalore just roll on with a new connoisseur for today to the next debonair in anticipation and go with the each passing day with prescience Utopia.

An Escort in Bangalore gets paid for skillfully educating and satisfying a satyriasis and a Doctor gets paid for curing his patient and there is no much difference in the services offered by an escort or a Doctor.

A Doctor cares for his patient and an escort ensures atonement with her client.

An escort earns her Money with herself being the product for sale

She is in the business of escorting providing Pleasure without conscience.

An escort inherits a character that has bound less Knowledge and experience.

Escorting Business is by all means a necessity to this society.

An Independent Escorts in Bangalore cries for Words of encouragement to her self-depreciated soul and her depreciating business.

Her value gets depreciated by every passing day.

for a Man comes at a premium rate and the man strips an escort to attain the euphoria and beatitude in his life.

An interloper

A Wanderer

A Squatter

A Drifter

A Satyriasis comes with all his fantasy to cradle an escort with anticipation of satisfaction which is only ephemeral.

Critics savor the escorting business and lobbyist politicize the prostitution business for their own egomaniacs and narcissistical necessity.

An Independent Escorts in Bangalore never enjoys her naked predicament but being the only option for having good life style she gets adapted and fulfilled with a life of pain locked within her self.

An Independent Escorts in Bangalore is just another slave in this world catering to an au-courant debonair and a new connoisseur on a daily basis.

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

Independent escorts in Bangalore

When I was young I was aware of my blossoming women in myself and how it started to attract the crowd and I was a flower attracting the bees and i realized my positivity and the superficial admiration men had in my beauty and that made me realize to start my career as an escort in Bangalore.

Are you craving for amorousness or inclined for plain love with the best Independent escorts in Bangalore

Do you want to be cajoled by the best Independent escorts in Bangalore and soak in luxury of the best trained Independent escorts in Bangalore who had mastered the art of making love ! !

Do you want to find a women a temptress and the famed seductress in the city of Bangalore who are the 21 century courtesan we Independent Escorts in Bangalore can be the Perfect option for an experience unlimited.

We escorts in Bangalore ensure money worth for every rupee spent by the client and a night to remember for a life time experience

Lay back in the bed Feel and enjoy and taste every bit of my glowing skin and my siren's song whispering to your ears only and do request for any fantasy we are the fairy tale angels to fulfill all your lust full desires.

Ready and willing to serve a client and a man mood can be contagious. And we escorts in Bangalore ensure the ultimate experience in every moment we are together in the lapse of our arms.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore know the irregularity in being in control of our self and needing to control. a man's lust full desires and with our sensual touch we ensure the client starts to yell for more delightful nights and we wrap up the client in the delicious heat of our desires in the pursuit of happiness and nail down a clients lust with the feeling of owning our self and getting addicted to our self.

We wish the client to dive head long into his ecstasy and dream for a magical night and nigh full of end less fun and the best the client has to do is throw away his shyness and be as naughty as possible with us Independent escorts in Bangalore and we will show the heaven on earth.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore realized our daily routine is to to feed and effectuate a Mans lust full desires and with enough experience and curiosity and in our enduring long path we have mastered the art of love and we Independent escorts in Bangalore have realized we live a life that is tailored to serve a man's lust.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore never wither away and are no dead bodies in the bed attracting the vultures to feast on us rather we do enjoy the profession of escorting and pride our self in being an Independent escorts in Bangalore and continue our life as escorts in Bangalore with a smile and cannot bear to fake our self in our profession as an Independent escorts in Bangalore and all we pray god is good men approach us and we are weak in front of bad men.

Our Job as an escort is not that easy as the world might see us and there are enough worries for us and not all are good men and we constantly live in the fear of Bad men and like the saying goes life is a struggle and it is snakes and ladder all the times and we do not climb up every time but can be bitten to lose our heights and we do encounter bad men in the pursuit of seeking the best among the men.

It is most alarming to realize we all live a life that is tailored made readymade in ups and downs of greed and profits and nobody in this world can confess a life lived with honesty and we all live a double life portraying a false face to the society and we pride in living a life as an escort in Bangalore pursuing a career as an Independent escorts in Bangalore and catering to Satyriasis of men.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore are delighted to cater to men who wanted the best in Bangalore and our daily routine is to fulfill a good man fantasy and we escorts in Bangalore do this job of escorting with joy and contentedness and we are happy being an instrument to men and catering to a man's lust full desires

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

I as an Independent Escorts in Bangalore never intend to enhance the escorting business and I am an escort in Bangalore out of my own Inclination towards the sex Industry and being an escort in Bangalore in an unsympathetic and inhospitable society is a hard way to live and living a double life of an escort in Bangalore and living a life of a commoner in the society is what I do and it is not easy to live a double life with a society full of malicious people and I have no regrets living a life of an escort in Bangalore and grate full for the blessings i had received.

Over the years as an Independent Escorts in Bangalore I had encountered many escorts in my team and we get closer with in regards to our profession and i do understand from my experience as an Escorts in Bangalore we escorts come from broken families bankrupted fathers and ailing sisters and every one of us have a tale that is more or less related to the political and sad state of my country and we rejoice with the thought the same is sense in developed countries where white skins are doing the same.

It was for survival we chose the career as an escort in Bangalore then maintaining our living standards was a concern and then it become our only profession where we felt we are better in being an escort in Bangalore and we pride in assisting our clients.

We do lots of money in being an escort in Bangalore and do spend lavishly on designer costumes to live the life of the tinsel world and half our money is spent on maintaining our life style.

It is common for an Indian to think white skin and Europeans are superior to us Indians and we were promoted from the word Devadasi to Prostitutes to escorts with Strong propaganda European escorting world ! !

In the business of escorting success of an escort depends upon an Individuals commitment towards her job as an escort in Bangalore and I do understand the value and my role as hired girl Friend and stay in honesty to the role of an Independent Escorts in Bangalore and I indebted to all my grate full clients who had showered me with all their kindness and love with of course the monetary benefits and without them I may had been another vagabond creature in this big bad world.

The good clients I had met all these days are worth mentioning and it is just I had met loads of them and this page cannot afford to occupy to have all of them mentioned.

I thank each and every client of mine for coming into my life and I cherish each and every moment we being together and will forever cherish and live with the memory of us being together.

I was the chosen one among my colleagues on so many occasions and I with all my conscience fidelity confess I am delightedly and admiringly thank full to all my clients for showering me with their best magnanimity and I am glad in being an Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore

by Escorts in Bangalore

How may we define the momentarily lusting of a satyriasis and the interim love a man showers upon an Independent Escorts in Bangalore and the transitory fondness the fleeting kindness with an Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

We Independent Escorts in Bangalore are very much aware of the time frame we are hired and are experienced in handling a client and are aware of a client who is more Inclined in quenching his lust and we genuinely accept being a form of product for a client who seeks to quench his lusty thirst and we uprightly confess and accept the truth we Independent Escorts in Bangalore are just to douse the fantasy of a man.

A man loves his family and his love is focused on his wife and family and the love he showers on his family is unparalleled and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore are just hired in between for a short time and the conflict of the love towards an escort and his family is unbiased and it is a rarest of a man to conflict his commitment towards his family for the momentarily and fleeting relationship with an Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

A man is paying to get a choice and never intends to pay an escort again and again and he is always on the hunt for new escorts and a regular monger will never be a repeated client to any escort and will always seek an new escort to quiche his lust.

A courtesan is a person who is in the next higher level of an escort and manages a very small clientele for her survival and a courtesan are selected individuals of escorts who are elusive in this escorting business.

A Lothario or a satyriasis is a man who is obsessed with sexual fantasies and will need multiple women to lust his lust full thoughts and if he has no option of an escort he may venture out and prowl in this vast world endangering the innocent women

An escort stands on guard invisibly and stands in protection for the innocent women in the society and a man when is untamed can have animal behavior and his actions can never be on conscience levels.

We are aware of the cursory alliance with a client and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore are very much deciduous and transitory in nature shedding away the clients as days pass by.

Its is a rarest of cases where a client gets addicted to one escort and a client addiction to escorting is a serous business to be probed and when alcoholism is considered evil and smoking is labeled as killing weapons and there is no Proof of an womanizer or a or a Lothario dying because of a woman.

To this society we Independent Escorts in Bangalore ceased to be a species who are ever ready to show an excess of magnanimity with our clients.

We live a life of an Independent Escorts in Bangalore with losing our prime of youth and live a dormant life when we get older.

And No blow jobs had killed a man and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore live a life with pride catering and pampering to mans lusty needs and live a life with amour-propre.

As an Independent Escorts in Bangalore we Pride in our profession of escorting and strive to bring value for being an Independent Escorts in Bangalore and to be a successful escort in Bangalore we always strive for excellence in our job as an Independent Escorts in Bangalore and the desire to win and urge to live a life had always motivated us in having the clients expectations as priority and we constantly drive our self in excelling in our field of escorting in Bangalore.

We Independent Escorts in Bangalore crave for excelling in our field of escorting in Bangalore and in the process and with a desire to be motivated we live a life of an escort with a commitment and determination.

Perfection in any profession is not attainable and so in escorting business we crave for client satisfaction and in the process excel our skills as escorts in Bangalore and when we strive to be perfectionist and it just happened we stumbled upon excellence in the being the best Independent Escorts in Bangalore !

If we are to answer the question of the various breeds of client's we do have and we do have enough categorizations of clients and we can with our empiricism knowledge smell a client and his attitude before actually meeting him.

Most of the client never intends Physical relationship as priority rather seeks solace with us from his regular routine life style and we offer the comfort zone for a man when he seeks liberation from his routine life style.

An new recruited escort in our team of Independent Escorts in Bangalore asked the below questions

1.Life had become tumultuous and chaotic after pursuing the career as an Independent Escorts in Bangalore

If your career as an Independent Escorts in Bangalore has an engrossed life style and makes you active and only a productive career can make your mind and soul a free mind and the truth is an escort is serving the society from the sinful Satyriasis.

2.My life had become arduous and convoluted after pursuing my career as an Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Life as an Independent Escorts in Bangalore is to live and not to be dissected and an escort’s life style is to be lived in the conscious level of mind and not to be complicated with the social and society.

3.Why after pursuing a career as an escort in Bangalore I am always unhappy?

The social stigma about escorting is political drama and slowly the world is transforming and in most countries escorting had become a legal business and what we tell our sub conscience mind is what matters rather than what had been a propaganda for Vedanta for ages and we come from a Prestigious ancestral back ground where Devadasi system was a legal activity in Ancient India.

Being Guilty for being an Independent Escorts in Bangalore is a shame and man who visits an Independent Escort in Bangalore is never a target of accusation and we escorts play the role of serving an needy person and this grim coalition combines to inculpate an Independent Escort in Bangalore within themselves for the crimes committed against women hood.

4. Why is that only me going through all this sufferings in life

God always makes his best child a better human being by polishing it to its best like a diamond and an escort becomes a better human being by cruising through all troubled waters in her life.

It’s always when we suffer we ask why me and not when we prosper why ask our self why me alone succeeded?

We live a prided life and we live as Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

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